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 Chahta Amptoba: Choctaw Traditional Pottery (Part IV)

Iti Fabvssa

   It sometimes seems as though Choctaw people are fighting an uphill battle to maintain a unique Choctaw identity and way of doing things in the 21st century. Sadly, we all too often lose elders and with them, traditional knowledge, but there are also success stories.

   The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma began major efforts to revitalize Choctaw traditional pottery in 2009. Over the last three years, through literally hundreds of classes, as well as demonstrations, presentations, and more, a number of Choctaw people have learned the entire Choctaw traditional pottery process, from digging the clay by hand, to making traditional pottery forms, to firing it on a wood bon fire, to eating out of the finished pieces. Today, on a weekly basis, these Choctaw potters are digging and experimenting with new clays, trying different firing woods, and teaching other tribal members about Choctaw traditional pottery.

   A renaissance is under way with these dedicated Choctaw artisans bringing more life to Choctaw pottery that it has had in 150 years. In so doing, they are adding their own legacy to a sacred Choctaw tradition that is 3,000 years old…and counting.

   This month's edition of Iti Fabvssa includes pictures and statements from some of these Choctaw potters (and friends), from all walks of life, who are front-line warriors in keeping Choctaw traditional culture vibrant.

Iti Fabvssa

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