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Open house held at new School of Choctaw Language

 Building is the first in Southeast Oklahoma to be LEED-certified

  An open house was held at the new School of Choctaw Language building on Sept. 19. Numerous city and tribal officials, as well as those who partnered to construct the building were on hand for the occasion.

  The eco-friendly building, which was constructed through a partnership with REI (Rural Enterprises Incorporated), ECO Potential, Mid-PLains Construction and Kinslow, Keith & Todd, has received LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership.

  Certification for LEED, which is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is based on factors such as energy savings, fresh air preservation, water savings, indoor air quality and sustainable source materials.

 The building is the first LEED certified building in southeastern Oklahoma. LEED certified buildings are designed to lower operating costs, increase asset value, reduce waste sent to landfills, conserve energy and water, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and provide a healthier work environment for occupants as well as other benefits for communities.

 During construction, a waste management plan was implemented diverting 80 percent of construction waste from landfills by reducing and reusing leftover materials. High efficiency toilets and faucets use 36 percent less water indoors annually. The building was designed to maximize natural lighting reducing the need for excessive electricity use, and it creates a pleasant work environment.

  Chief Greg Pyle is excited about the opportunities available in the new, state of the art building and is happy about the green building movement.

 "The Choctaw Nation has been a leader in endeavors to 'go green,' including the recycling center and conservation efforts," he says. "Housing our School of Choctaw Language in a LEED certified facility is something we are very happy about, as it is a great way to show we care about preserving the environment."

  The school utilizes the building to preserve and perpetuate the Choctaw language and culture.

  It houses distance learning equipment, an interactive meeting center, training areas, and a bookstore.

  The school oversees language courses in more than 30 public schools and partners with several colleges, including Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant to offer 18 hours of Choctaw language course, which are available for world language credit.

  To learn more about the School of Choctaw Language visit online at

  LEED Building

 Chief Gregory E. Pyle, Scott Dewald, president of Rural Enterprises Inc., and Karen Stewart of ECO Potential pose in front of the new School of Choctaw Language with a plaque certifying that the building is LEED-certified Silver.
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