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Note:  Letter u -->  u   Upsilon -->  υ           The upsilon will be in bold print to help you identify it in a sentence.


Skυli pota sυ bυnna.  I want to borrow money
[As in English, a speaker may ask a question or make a statement and then follow with "I'm just kidding."]

Peh maka li!  I'm just saying that!
[The statement is a close expression to that of "I'm just kidding!" or "I'm just joking!"]

PDF Download:  Phrases: Skvli pota sv bvnna./Peh maka li!

Siptimba pokoli tuklo akocha ushta, Tahlepa sipokni tuklo akocha awah untuchina.
                 September 24, 2018

Phrases: Skvli pota sv bvnna - Peh maka li

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