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National Science Foundation - Choctaw Elder Interviews

The Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna (School of Choctaw Language) is pleased to present Choctaw Elder Interviews made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The interviews are presented in two parts consisting of an MP3 recording and transcripts in PDF downloadable files. 

Abe Frazier: "Shukha Vbi Li Naha Tuk"

Shukha Vbi Li Naha Tuk (MP3 file)

Shukha Vbi Li Naha Tuk (PDF file) English/Choctaw Transcript


Christine Ludlow: "Wheelock Ghost Experience"

Wheelock Ghost Experience (MP3 file)  (Wheelock Boarding School for Girls)

Wheelock Ghost Experience (PDF file)











All material Copyright National Science Foundation

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